Our Proven Content

How is AMA's content proven effective?
By its track record of success.

AMA's carefully developed content addresses the most critical competencies that highly successful organizations need and expect from their talent, based on recent research. Help your people build all the critical skills necessary for optimal performance with our extensive range of subject matter. Our content is built on nearly a hundred years of precedent, a proven track record of success in adult experiential learning—and it continually evolves with changing market needs.


AMA content is aligned with competencies in the following four domains:


Professional Effectiveness

Mastery of personal awareness and interpersonal skills, enabling individuals to manage themselves and communicate their branded message.

  • Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Presentation Skills

Relationship Management

Ability to establish and maintain professional relationships to support strategic goals and a culture of trust and collaboration.

  • Coaching for Performance
  • Collaboration
  • Conflict Management
  • Delegation
  • Influence
  • Managing Change
  • Motivation

Business Acumen

Understanding of business operations at the financial, functional, and strategic levels while maintaining a customer-focused approach.

  • Customer Focus
  • Financial Acumen
  • Managing Projects
  • Talent Management

Analytical Intelligence

Application of systematic thinking, analysis, and data interpretation to support organization objectives.

  • Critical Thinking
  • Managing and Mastering Data

"Investing in people's skills will bring several business benefits for enterprises, customers, and employees, but more important, it helps to create a better world, because such skills are transferable to their day-to-day jobs, their lives, and future movement in their careers." 

Jesus Rivera, Global Business Controller, ABB

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